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Auto Insurance in Highlands County, FL

Whether you drive a new car or a second hand pickup truck, you must have Auto Insurance in Highlands County, Florida. However, in Florida you only need to carry 10/20/10 in liability coverage and that is terribly insufficient. In fact, it only takes one accident to completely ruin you financially. Let's take a look at the case of Larry L for example.

Larry bought a used car for about $4,000 cash with his tax refund. He contacted his insurance agent and the agent reminded Larry he only had the minimum amount of liability protection which was 10/20/10. Larry told his agent he was short on money and did not want to raise his protection.

Larry talked to his friend Jim about Car Insurance. Jim told Larry, he had carried the minimal liability coverage on his cars for over 20 years, and never had any problems. Plus, he told him it would probably cost a lot of money to opt for higher liability protection, and the agent was just trying to sell Larry more insurance. This made Larry feel better, so he didn't raise his coverage nor did he take out collision or comprehensive coverage. This turned out to be a huge mistake.

Larry had no Automobile Insurance problems for almost a year, until one day the unexpected happened. It was a summer afternoon in South Central Florida and the skies suddenly became very dark. Before long it started to rain and the rain intensified a great deal. In fact, it was almost impossible to see the road. Larry didn't want to pull off the Interstate because he was late for work, so he took a chance and drove in those terrible conditions.

After a few minutes, Larry's car went into a skid and he collided with three vehicles ahead of him. Two people were injured and the damage to the other vehicles was a little over $33,000. Once the insurance claim was settled, medical claims totalled $28,900. His liability coverage paid $20,000 for the medical bills and $10,000 for the property damage. This left a balance of $31,900 that Larry was personally responsible for. He will be paying on this for many years to come and all because he failed to listen to his insurance professional.

What is Auto Insurance?

Auto coverage is there to pay for property damage and medical expenses when bad things happen. It could be a traffic accident or an act of nature. Your insurance can keep you from being sued for expensive damages.

Who Needs Car Insurance in Florida?

If you drive a vehicle it must be insured for personal injury and property damage. In Florida, liability insurance is the law, but not the other coverage options. Every vehicle driven on Florida roads must be insured, including motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

What Coverage Do I Need?

You need the minimal liability coverage. Plus, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage are essential when you borrow money on your car. The lender has a vested interest in your vehicle and wants assurance it is protected from harm. However, if you own your car free and clear, you only need liability insurance.

Are Automobile Insurance Options Available?

Your insurance professional can show you all kinds of options for your vehicle. For example:

  • Liability - because the Florida liability limits are so low, you should consider raising them to $100,000 or more. Had Larry (in our example) done this, he would not have been responsible for over $30,000 in insurance claims.
  • Deductible - with some insurers you can save money when you increase the deductible amounts. For example, the difference between a $250 and $1,000 deductible is enough to consider changing.
  • Uninsured motorists - This will give you extra medical expense coverage if the other party is at fault and either does not have insurance or not enough.
  • Gap insurance - gap coverage pays the difference when a car is totaled and the insurance coverage does not pay off the loan. This keeps you from owing money on your car loan.
  • Roadside assistance - this coverage is great to have when you car breaks down on the road. It will pay to have your car towed home or to the nearest garage.
  • Driver discounts - your insurance professional can get you a number of discounts like student and safe driver discounts.

Getting the Best Car Insurance in Highlands County

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